Esthetics 2The Esthetics program at Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology is fun, rewarding, and a great way to start a new, lucrative career in a short amount of time.  The Esthetics field is in high demand nationwide and in less than 6 months you can graduate and start your exciting new career almost anywhere. Today there are more opportunities for Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology Esthetics graduates than ever before, including: private practice doctor offices, spa facilities, wellness centers, hotels, resorts, dermatologist offices, and so much more. No matter which path you choose with the Esthetics training from Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology, your possibilities are endless.

The Esthetics program is structured to provide students with the latest information on skin care, including how to perform the most in-demand procedures and services. Our school is equipped with multiple 8 in 1 facial machines which include high frequency, galvanic, vacuum, and steamer options.  Students also get to practice using diamond-dermabrasion machines which give the student hands-on training with some modern electronic therapy treatments that are found in prestigious spas, salons and medical offices around the country.

Students enrolled in the Esthetics program will receive lecture and training from knowledgeable and skilled instructors that have industry related experience that they can share with the students on a daily basis.  Throughout the course, students will learn a wide range of services that they can take with them into their new career.

Topics of instruction and techniques include:

Manual Facials

Anatomy and Physiology of Body and Skin

Sanitation principles and technique

Preventative Skin Care

Body Treatments

Product Selection

Hot Stone Treatments

Machine Facials

Facial Waxing

Body Waxing

Brazilian Waxing

Back treatments

Chemical Peels

Acne Treatment

Makeup Application

Paraffin Wax Treatments

Applying Various Masks and Moisturizers

Diamond-Derm Abrasions

Body Wraps

Body Waxing

Body Wraps

And More!!

Esthetics 1The approach to training used by the school is based on sound educational methods and teaching fundamentals that are time-tested and proven to have the most effective results.  This type of training program stresses a firm theoretical knowledge of Esthetics as well as conscientiously applied practical skills with emphasis on development of a truly professional personality.  Coupled with the material found in the highly respected Milady text, Esthetics students at Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology have all the tools necessary to not only excel when they take the State Board examinations, but to also excel at their new career in whatever Esthetics or skin care related field they choose.

If you love the thought of helping others look and feel better about themselves and love the idea of having a unique, exciting, and lucrative career working in the Esthetics and skin care field, then your time is now to start your career move.  Don’t wait any longer!  Spas are hiring estheticians now and skin care professionals are in high demand nationwide.  Take the next step and you can be on your way to your new career in less than six months!!

Esthetics Student Kit

The esthetics kit that students receive is a very impressive, all inclusive kit that will give the student all the tools and materials needed to get a great education and prepare them well for their state board exams as well as prepare them for their new career in the esthetics field. It is a very large kit with a lot of exciting products and equipment.

Financial aid assistance available to those who qualify

We have a full financial aid office to help you in the application process to apply for grants and/or student loans.  We are authorized to offer the Pell Grant, the Guaranteed Student Loan, and Veteran’s Assistance to those who qualify.  Applications are available through the financial aid office or from the admissions representative.


  • Full Time: Tuesday thru Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Part Time: Tuesday thru Friday: 9 AM to 2 PM

Start Immediately !!
New classes start every 2 weeks! The industry is growing each and every day, and every day there are salons calling us looking for qualified cosmetologists. The sooner you start classes, the sooner you can finish and start your career in the exciting and lucrative field of cosmetology.  We can’t wait for you to become a part of what we are all about: top-notch education intertwined with a fun and exciting learning environment!

Esthetics Course Student Disclosures

  • 750 Clock Hours
  • Full Time: 25 Weeks
  • Part Time: 37.5 Weeks
  • Median Loan Debt: $4,597
  • SOC Code: 39-5094.00
  • Tuition: $7,875
  • Registration Fee: $100
  • Classroom Fee: $300
  • Kit: $1,100 (tax included)
  • Total Cost: $9,375

Annual Outcome Rates For Each Location

  • Highway 64 : Graduation Rate: 65.4%
  • Highway 64: Licensure Rate: 100%
  • Highway 64: Placement Rate: 79.3%
  • Winchester Rd: Graduation Rate: 74.4%
  • Winchester Rd: Licensure Rate: 93.8%
  • Winchester Rd: Placement Rate: 85.9%
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