About Us

Since the 1980’s Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology has been preparing students for amazing careers in the beauty industry.  We take great pride in making sure that all students are fully prepared for not only their State Licensing Exams but fully prepared for their future career in the beauty industry.

We have had thousands of students over the years. Students from all over. Not just Memphis and the mid-south area but also students who are originally from as far away as Colombia, Pakistan, Guatemala, Bulgaria, India, Cambodia, Mexico, and more.  We are very proud of our diversity.  Not only in our students but also in our clients.  This diversity helps to create a very interesting, unique and educational environment as we can teach hands-on about the many different types of hair, skin, and nails that each student will encounter when the student becomes a professional in the industry. 

Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology has an extremely high number of people who refer students to the two schools. Former students, clinic clients, salon owners, salon managers, and product reps are just a few of the people that refer students to us. Our history and reputation and word of mouth are our biggest forms of advertisement. Decades of preparing students for the beauty industry has enabled us to have a huge network of people that not only refer new students to us, but that also use Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology to fill open positions in salons and spas. We have salon owners and salon managers that consistently use Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology whenever they need a new stylist, nail tech, or esthetician. 

If you are looking to start your career in the beauty industry, please give us a call.  We would love to help you in any way we can and answer any questions that you have.